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Essay Internet Coffee

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A study on how Starbucks uses the Internet to satisfy shareholders and improve on customer satisfaction.

This paper examines the uses of the Internet to enhance Starbucks’ global business. It investigates the success of online advertisement in relation to the more traditional media of television. The paper describes the financial status of the company today and its use of customer service to attract a new type of clientele.

Table of Contents:
Customer Service
Learning and Growth
Internal Process
The Internet is quickly becoming an important source of advertisement that is equivalent to television commercials. In fact, there may come a time when televisions are taken completely off the market and replaced with computers. It is proven that the Internet reaches many more people than television advertisements. According to the article, Starbucks Brews a New Strategy it is not Starbucks objective to advertise or promote the Internet, but to use the Internet as a source of advertisement. There is a new notion out about Starbucks credit cards that customers can purchase or upgrade online that gives the customers special bonuses and awards. In this report we will discuss the financial, customer satisfaction, learning and growth, and internal process of the growth and development of Starbucks Coffee.