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Essay Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees:

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This paper discusses the themes in Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, `The Bean Trees.`

This essay examines the social behavior between the characters in Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, The Bean Trees. The author details the individual characters personalities and problems, and then proceeds to demonstrate how each character in the story relies upon the other for their very survival. These interdependent relationships provide the support needed to accomplish tasks they never could have accomplished alone.
Edna is a kind, sweethearted, elderly woman who is blind, and Virgie Mae is her rather rude and obnoxious lifelong friend. Together, these women are the epitome of interdependence. Virgie Mae provides the blind Edna with guidance and help, while Edna serves as a buffer against Virgie Mae’s often-harsh attitude. Just like Taylor and Lou Ann, these women serve as a balance to one another. If one did not have the other to depend on, one or the other may not survive. But, together they have overcome enormous hardship. Even Taylor begins to comprehend the importance of this interdependent relationship. One day, after helping a lone Edna decipher a lemon from a lime while shopping in Lee Sing’s market, Taylor realizes for the first time that Edna is blind.