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Essay Technology and Agriculture

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An explanation of the “science of agriculture” – how it developed and how it has advanced through the years with the help of technology.

This paper examines how the concept of farming and agriculture first became an organized practice about 10,000 years ago. It looks at how the practice developed over time and how technological advancements of the past changed the face of agriculture altogether. The paper shows that previously farming was a one person operation, but how, through the development of certain tools, methods and ideas, the communal farming effort took hold.
“What is technology, and how does agriculture fit in with the concept of technology? Technology as applied science and engineering clearly presents a relevant but limited view. It is, perhaps, a better definition of ‘technique’. The notion that what designers do with technology is to simply apply scientific knowledge would be to misunderstand both what science and technology is. While the issue of science will be addressed below, suffice it to say that because design cannot be value free, neither can technology in the hands of a designer. Missing are the realm of consciousness and judgment; value and ‘will’ remain untouched. However, it takes a combination of will, curiosity, and perhaps just the ability to notice something another did not know in order to introduce a new type of technology into the world. This proves to be true of one of the greatest technological inventions of all time; agriculture. While who invented agriculture is a bit hazy, scientists do feel that women were the first to notice the natural process about 10,000 years ago. As soon as humans began to form permanent settlements and gave up wandering in search of food, agriculture was born.”