The Ten Commandments

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Essay The Ten Commandments

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This is an explanation about how the Ten Commandments helped the Jewish people become a holy nation.

This paper discusses the importance of the Ten Commandments that the Jewish people received from God. It examines each commandment individually, discussing its importance. The author also discusses why the Jews, and no other people, were specifically chosen to receive these commandments.
“The Decalogue is designed for only the Jews. These ten laws that they have to abide by are written to ultimately free the Jews from sin. God targeted the Jews because this would be able to prove his power; by taking a nation that had nothing, and turning them into something great. The whole world would know Gods glory. The Decalogue are divine laws, they come straight from God himself and let his will be known. The Decalogue was designed to control external actions, but cannot control the inner thoughts and desires of the Israelites.”