Tupac Shakur vs. Bob Marley

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Essay Tupac Shakur vs. Bob Marley

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A comparative essay on the musicians, Tupac Shakur and Bob Marley.

This paper examines the philosophical, intellectual, and poetic nature of Tupac Shakur’s and Bob Marley’s work, as well as the political and social influence of their music. The paper describes each artist’s background and illustrates how Marley’s music expressed the social unrest and the spiritualism of Jamaica, while Shakur’s music expressed the social issues and emotions of ghetto life in the United States.
Music is one of the oldest art forms. Every culture has used music to not only create mood and celebration, but to relate and express feelings and ideas. Most of us can easily strike images of laborers singing while they worked, tribes beating drums before a hunt or battle, bugles sounding as soldiers charge in attack, and love-sick poets declaring their ardor. Music has also been used as an expression of spiritualism, as well as personal ideals. In recent history, beginning in the mid-1960’s, music became a voice and spokesman for many to express political views, especially concerning the United States involvement in Vietnam. Folk and rock musicians wrote music and songs protesting the war and politics of the time.