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Essay Yugoslav Conflict

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Analyzes history & evolution of ethnic/nationalist struggle through 1995, focusing on role of U.N. & international powers in resolution of conflict through military, diplomatic & humanitarian means.

This paper discusses the U.N. involvement in the Yugoslav conflict. The paper is comprised of two parts. The first part addresses the following questions: What is the issue at stake, and who are the primary and secondary participants in this conflict. The second part discusses how the U.N. and/or other International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) are involved.
The formerly Yugoslav federation was comprised of various ethnic groups, namely the Slovenes, the Croats, the Serbs, and the Bosnians. Yugoslavia exploded when Slovenia and Croatia declared independence on June 25, 1971. The war was the product of a conflict that had numerous dimensions and intractable roots. Consequently, the war has been variously described as one of aggression, of ethic conflict, of civil divisions, or of genocide, depending on who is characterizing the war or which..