The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Essay The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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This paper explores the long standing implications of the 1967 War, between Israel and her Arab neighbors and the current political stalemate.

This paper traces the 9/11 terrorist attack to the United States, support of Israel in the 1967 War with her Arab neighbors, the historical facts of the war and the nations’ political goals then and now.
Since September 11th, and a subsequent international crackdown on terrorism and all entities that support, harbor or commit acts characterized as terrorism, confrontation between Israeli and Palestinian forces has become a detail of daily life. Likewise, so have much of the violence, death and destruction on both sides of the battle line. Israelis act on the pretense of defense, exacting military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip, in order to control the mounting terrorism that has threatened the Jewish state from within its own borders. Palestinians struggle for international recognition, independent statehood and liberation from Israeli possession. But the everyday intensification of conflict in the region is murky at best, as both sides operate without a credible solution, and accusations collect support on both sides. And while the shortsighted may regard this circumstance as a relatively new one, aftermath of recent tensions in the region and the election of a far right administration in Ariel Sharon, a perusal of the circumstances surrounding the end of the 1967 War will suggest that many of the specifics overarching this conflict are now at least thirty-five years of age.