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Essay The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw

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A review of the book “The Greatest Generation” by Tom Brokaw with an emphasis on the value of the generation and what they achieved.

The book is about the generation of Americans who fought World War II, maintained society at home during World War II, overcame the Great Depression and rebuilt the nation of America. It is designed to pay tribute to and make people aware of just what this generation of men and women did for America and how they contributed to the society we have today. This paper describes the battles of the generation via first-person accounts, the battles fought in the war itself and those who fought at home. It also examines how the generation is represented by a cross-section of stories.
“The nature of the book in the form of personal accounts is one reason the book can be questioned for its accuracy. While the book does use many accounts, the question must be asked, how many accounts did the author have to select from. With his purpose being to show what Americans of this generation did, it is natural that he is going to choose the stories of either those that became famous in some way or those that have heroic stories to tell. While the book proposes to be a cross-section of stories, this cross-section does not really represent the generation as a whole, instead it represents those that did the most.”