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Essay The PaleoIndians

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A study of the first inhabitants of North America who came at the end of the Ice Age by way of a land bridge that connects Siberia and Alaska.

The main focus of this paper is the establishment of the thesis that the first known inhabitants of America were the PaleoIndians of the Ice Age time period. This thesis is supported by studies and secondary sources that support this claim. In addition to the geological evidence found, the lifestyle, culture and tools of the PaleoIndians is discussed.
“The Clovis point is a piece of tool that was first found in Siberia. Several pieces of the same kind of tool was found in the U.S. states of New Mexico, Montana, and Colorado (Rose 1997). The tool was discovered after geologists studied the layering of soil, part of a study that might help lead to the discovery of an important artifact or preserved fossil resulting in evidence of the first inhabitants of America. The Clovis point was a crudely shaped hunting tool made of stone, often referred to as a “spearpoint.” This tool became the key to the discovery of various information about the culture of the PaleoIndians.”