Aggression in Human & Non-Human Primates

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Essay Aggression in Human & Non-Human Primates

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Analyzes nature of violence, differences between humans & non-humans, biological, psychological & social causes, evolution, territoriality, survival and theories.

This paper is an investigation of the topic of aggression in both humans and non-human primates with an attempt to understand the causes of such aggression and what links exist between the aggressive behaviors of different primate species.
The literature on primate aggression is reviewed and a number of bases for aggressive behavior are put forth, including psychoanalytic, biological, evolutionary and learned. The validity of each of these explanatory paradigms is examined and the evolutionary and social learning perspectives are established as being the most useful bases on which to create theoretical models of primate aggressive behavior.
A substantial amount of attention is paid to possible evolutionary causes of aggression and evolutionarily based links between the aggressive tendencies..: