War As A Conflict Resolution

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Essay War As A Conflict Resolution

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Provides an overview of war as a policy among nations, types of wars in the modern world, examples, global power relationships, politics and the future.


This essay explores the question of whether an end to warfare in the foreseeable future is probable. Unfortunately, human kind used war for such a variety of purposes (conflict resolution, as a form of political participation, to promote a “just cause,” and so forth) that it is difficult to develop a solution that will end all warfare.

War or the threat of the use of force is the traditional approach to conflict resolution in the conduct of international relations. Although each national state tends to reserve a monopoly on violence for itself, through mutual diplomatic recognition of one another, national states also recognize the legitimacy of the wars they waged.
Francisco de Vitoria, in the Sixteenth Century, established the modern concept of …

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