Aircraft in World War I

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Essay Aircraft in World War I

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This paper describes the introduction of aircraft into the conduct of war during World War I.

This paper discusses that German aircraft began consistently bombing England, thus changing the way war was fought. The author points out that, in 1911, although America had what was considered the world’s first air force, it only consisted of one plane and one pilot. The paper relates that, at the beginning, airplanes shot at each other with rifles; the addition of machine guns mounted on the topmost wing added another dimension.
Airwar offered the hope of ending this nonproductive ground battles by carrying the offensive to the enemy territory. Aircraft could readily cross the lines of trenches and hit Germany’s vital centers, including their industry, population, and military forces. aircraft could strike targets that would have a significant effect on the fielded armies, their supplies and armaments. This helped improve morale as well as push the Allies closer to an eventual win.

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