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Essay America and the Arab World

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Looks at the views of America held by the Arab world and the views of the Arab world held by America.

This paper looks at how the events of September 11th have affected the way Americans see the Muslim and Arab world and how America’s foreign policy in the Middle East has affected the way the Arab and Muslim world sees the United States.
After the events of September 11th, 2001, American views on Arab-Americans and Islam took a further turn for the worse, which gave the Islamic world even more wood for the fire of disdain held towards Americans. The events themselves, came as a shock to a vast majority of Americans, who for so long, were under the impression that they were well liked by everyone, and were the Super-Power that was everybody’s friend. This ignorance was due largely in part to a lack of comprehension of America’s current and past foreign policies, and their ever-involvement in the political arena in the Middle East.

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