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Essay One Child Policy

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A discussion of whether a one child policy would work in the United States.

This paper examines the one child policy in countries such as China and Tibet including the reasons for the establishment of the law and a discussion as to whether or not the outcome of the law is what the government intended. It also looks at the different activist groups in the United States who wish to make this policy U.S. law and debates the pros and cons of such a policy for the government.
“A California group known as KZPG, (Western TV and Radio Braodcasters for Zero Population Growth) has organized a campaign to instill the One Child Policy in the United States. Based in Los Angeles, the group believes that the earth’s natural resources are being destroyed by man’s increasing need for housing and development. They estimate that in the near future the majority of the earth’s natural resources will be contaminated because of overpopulation. Therefore, the organization invites families to pledge their commitment to having only one child. To date the organization has received 192 pledges.”

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