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Essay Violence in the Media

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A study of the effect of violent television and media on the children who view it.

A study of the relationship between viewing violence in the media and children’s behavior. Specifically, this study addresses the context in which violent images are portrayed and how those images affect long term behavioral development in children. The writer shows how children’s behavior is influenced, not only by the amount of violence they view regularly, but also by the context in which they view violent behavior.
“This dissertation will focus on two central questions: First, does the context in which violence is portrayed in the media affect children? Studies indicate that children are more likely to be influenced by images they see in the media than adults (BBG, 1997). The second question will focus on whether violence in the media has a long term negative impact on children. Specifically, this study will examine violence in the media and its effects on elementary aged school children and adolescents. I intend to explore in detail specifically the effects that television violence has on children’s tendencies to demonstrate violent and aggressive behaviors.”

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