Disrobing the Turkish Towel

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Essay Disrobing the Turkish Towel

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An insight to the Armenian genocide and the Turkish response.

This paper examines the atrocities that befall the Armenian people in the early 1920s and how the Turks responded and were responsible for these acts. It also looks at the historical and nationalistic background to the conflict and how the western world reacted.
“During World War I, the Ottoman Empire began a mass deportation of Armenians from war zone areas to the desert. The Armenians had been split for centuries, with some in Russia and some in the Ottoman Empire. When the Ottomans joined in the war on the side of Germany and Austria-Hungary, they had to fight against the Russians. When war was declared in the beginning, Russia, like so many other countries, enlisted men through the draft. Many of those drafted were Armenians. The Armenians on the other side of the border begged the Ottomans to remain neutral, but agreed that they would do their civic duty to their country if the Empire joined the war. This meant that Armenians were fighting against Armenians, with some on Russia’s side and some on the side of the Ottomans and Turks.”

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