Anton La Guardia’s War without End

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Essay Anton La Guardia’s War without End

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This paper discusses that Anton La Guardia, in his book, War without End, argues convincingly that there is not likely to be a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in our lifetime.

This paper explains that the blame lies on a number of shoulders: The inability of political leaders to find peace, the international community, the very real and human desire for revenge, and the inability of religious leaders to see past their own agendas. The author points out that, in a larger historical context, La Guardia sees the Israeli-Palestinian struggle as one of the most complex and intractable struggles that the world has ever faced. The paper relates that solutions for the conflict are surprisingly slim, and the pessimism of the title is generally reflected in the book’s contents.
“War without End` manages to be what is the most rare of all in accounts surrounding the Israeli-Palestine conflict: Fair. In his book, La Guardia is continually fair but not detached in his description of the struggle that Israeli’s face in coming to terms with the destruction of national myths in the post-Zionist era. Similarly, he is equally fair and compelling in his discussion of the Palestine struggle to build a nation. He criticizes each side for their role in the conflict, but manages to do so relatively even-handedly. Thus, it could never be said that his treatment is fully objective, but La Guardia manages to bring a rare sense of fairness and equal treatment to the book.`

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