Justifications for the Death Penalty

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Essay Justifications for the Death Penalty

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An argument supporting the death penalty.

This paper argues for the death penalty and examines how it compels greater respect for the law, reduces recidivism and is a stronger punishment than life imprisonment. The paper also argues that executing murderers saves millions of dollars in taxpayer money that could be better spent on crime prevention and law enforcement.
“From yet another perspective, those who argue that the death penalty does not stop recidivism need to focus on the entire issue as a whole, not just one segment of it. The truth is, if murderers are convicted and executed and their executions do not deter other murderers from killing, society has still rid itself of the murderers it has caught. (Eddlem) Furthermore, the death penalty saves tax revenue that can be spent on crime prevention instead of paying for the incarceration of murderers for fifty years at a rate of tens of thousands of dollars per murderer. The choice between benefiting society or benefiting murderers should not be a difficult one, the right choice is obvious.”

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