An Overview of the Kashmir Conflict

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Essay An Overview of the Kashmir Conflict

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An in-depth analysis of the situation in Kashmir as an ethnic, historical and geo-political conflict.

The paper emphasizes the socialization theory, historical legacy of grievance and ethnic antagonism and strategic issues which limit chances for a resolution of the ongoing Kashmir conflict. The paper discusses how this conflict features a just Hindu cause, a strong Muslim claim to sovereignty, a clear Indian position that is substantiated by law, and a Pakistani claim to Kashmir containing its own just cause rooted in how Muslim areas were ceded to Pakistan in 1947 with the exception of Kashmir. The paper considers what can be done to encourage peace and argues that a settlement must be first, and then the encouragement of transformed attitudes towards a de-politicization of ethnicity.
“The earliest roots of conflict may have subsided in their importance, or be hazily understood by living generations, but not the ‘factory of grievances’ that functions in Kashmir in the absence of a final and peaceful solution. In the last several years, Indian Armed Forces and police operations have become a moot point. In situations of counterinsurgency, the military normally is not suited to public policing functions. All if complicated, deliberately, by the strategic violence of Kashmiri Muslim paramilitaries opposed to Indian rule. Where incidents occur, new responses are predictable in confusing patterns employing the methods of both insurgency and counterinsurgency, as these tend to foster further resentment, much distortion of situations in terms of real politik and a genuine risk of escalation that is never far away from discussions of Kashmir.
“If internal conflict subsides in Kashmir in the immediate future, whether through a miracle of internal politics, or via the formal establishment of a legal framework for resolution, the disturbing fact remains that Kashmir happens to border on not only several important Indian states, but also on Afghanistan, Pakistan and China, powers which all have tremendous geo-political significance in the early 21st century.”

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