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Essay Heavier Than Heaven

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A review of the book, “Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain”, by C. Cross.

This paper examines the book, “Heavier Than Heaven”, a biography of Kurt Cobain that was based upon medical and police reports, Cobain’s personal journal entries, and over four hundred interviews with people who were very close to him during his life. It looks at how the work is a dismal description that details Kurt’s low self-esteem, his abuse of drugs, and the grunge lifestyle that took him deeper into depression, where he was able to fulfill his prophecy of self-death. It also discusses how the shocking story of the singer’s lifestyle is disturbing and entails a sad description that outlines how Cobain quickly reached the top in the rock world, but soon plummeted to the bottom in his own personal unhappiness.
Cobain was a heavy user of heroin. This drug habit worked a magic that allowed the musician to hear music within his head that he might not have experienced if not on the drug. However, the use of this substance was also his downfall as he became more addicted and determined to prepare for his own suicide. He suffered from a lifelong affair with the idea of taking his own life, as a teenager he spoke of the act, he also wrote about and created paintings of death. His song lyrics contained suicidal messages and while in Rome, he made an attempt by taking a drug overdose that was foiled by his girlfriend who had him rushed to a nearby hospital where he survived the effort.

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