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Essay Sleeping

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Looks at the sleeping problem known as insomnia and some of its causes.

After a general outline of sleep and what happens while we are sleeping, this paper goes on to discuss the body’s biological need for sleep, the sleeping problem known as insomnia, and how it can affect one’s health. The paper also looks at some possible causes of insomnia and how it can be treated.
“We spend about one third of our life sleeping. Sleep is defined as the suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored (ThinkQuest, 2003). The brain is not at rest during sleep as popularly thought, but is extremely active and it is the brain that tells us when it is time to sleep. Sensations of light taken in from the retina are transferred through the nerves to an area of the brain determines the amount of light exposure and adjusts the body accordingly. The exact purpose of sleep remains a mystery, but researchers speculate that during certain stages of sleep, the brain is testing, strengthening, or somehow improving our neurons.”

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