The Abortion Debate

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Essay The Abortion Debate

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Presents arguments for and five arguments against abortion.

This paper begins with a discussion of the way abortion has been regarded throughout different periods and governments in history. It then goes on to look at the legal and ethical questions surrounding the issue of abortion and to examine some of the arguments presented both in favor of and in opposition to the legalization of abortion. The paper concludes with the author of the paper taking a position that favors legalized abortion.
“What will the world say? That the Americans cannot articulate, legislatively, that human life is expensive, that an infant’s life is possibly the most valuable of all other lives, as well as that the American people want to make sure that women are positioned in an ethical atmosphere in which judgments on the subject of life and death are taken sincerely and dealt with as matters of ethical seriousness. A lot of women, maybe most, by now treat this matter as an ethically serious subject, however, many do not, it is for them a structure of birth control, and even those who do might not, forever, evidently see, and therefore fully sense, what is at risk. Let them and others see it and then act accordingly to help womanhood.”

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