TV Violence and Children

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Essay TV Violence and Children

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A research proposal to determine how the Media Literacy Discussion Group might reduce the effects of TV violence on first grade boys.

Statements about the impact of televised violence are not always supported by the research, but may sometimes reflect people’s opinions about that issue. There is also a great deal of uncertainty about the impact of televised violence on developing brains, and contradictions within the literature regarding the impact of watching televised violence on children’s behavior. Thus, in looking at two different books on child development, I found many different opinions, but little discussion of the available research. One asserted unequivocally that watching televised violence has a variety of negative effects (Leach, 1997). The other book was more equivocal noting that there was not adequate research regarding the impact of too much video viewing, in general, on attention problems in children, and that we really do not know what television and video do to the growing brain, even though there are likely to be neurological consequences with any repeated exposure to a stimulus (Healy, 1994).

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