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Essay Living on Mars

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Discusses options for making Mars habitable for human beings.

Of all the planets in our solar system, Mars has long seemed to be the most habitable besides Earth. Many scientists believe Mars may have had oceans of water, a warmer climate, and rich vegetation billions of years ago. This paper examines the hazards that inhabitants would face if Mars was to be made habitable again and some of the solutions that scientists are working on to reduce problems of living on the Red Planet.
“Mars’ atmosphere is so thin, there is little protection from the ultraviolet radiation from the Sun, and this would pose yet another hazard to anyone who wanted to live on the planet. Anyone living on the planet would have to be protected from the constant radiation by either a space suit, or living inside a protective habitat. Clearly, colonizing Mars would be an extremely expensive endeavor, and until the first person actually steps on the planet, it is impossible to tell exactly what the conditions are like, and what threats they pose.”

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