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Essay Photovoltaics

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A thorough overview of the technology of photovoltaics, also known as solar panels.

This is an essay on solar panels that explains the history of their development. It examines how they work, different types and their practical application, losses, home systems, positioning, economics, and the future of photovoltaics.
“Presently millions of people use solar electricity every day, anyone reading this essay will more than likely have used it unknowingly many times before. A simple calculator usually posses a small solar panel, some watches have solar panel faces, and the screen on a laptop that’s just a solar panel working in reverse. Yet major generation of solar electricity has remained relatively miniscule. Now we are in the year 2003, and there are many signs it is gathering strength fast. Solar is poised to become a vital contributor to world energy production. It’s almost surreal to think that solar provides clean energy, less smog, less air pollution and diminishes our dependence on fossil fuels. If our modern society wishes to proceed with ever advancing standards of living, we need to move into the future where solar and others can provide us with the environmentally friendly energy our society is destined for. This destiny is becoming more and more a reality as electricity prices skyrocket, power disruptions abound, and blackouts become more frequent. The opportunity for personal generation is predicted to reach 26% of total world generation by 2040 (Photovoltaics Bulletin 2002). In the near future solar energy generation will produce significant amounts of electricity with its advanced technology, leading economics and residential systems.”

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