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Essay Species Radiation

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The causes and effects of evolutionary abundance in certain geographical areas in certain eras. Includes specialization, adaptation, variations and theories.

Evolution is a process of change and development as organisms adapt to their environment and to changing circumstance through time. A variety of mechanisms have been identified as being involved in the process of evolution. This process does not take place in a steady and even manner, and eras of massive change have been identified in the fossil record during which a process called radiation has taken place, producing many new species and so many changes in a given population. Such a sudden and massive expansion of species has been identified in different parts of the world, such as the rapid growth in diversity of cichild fish in Lake Victoria in eastern Africa, where more than 500 species have evolved over the last 12,000 years. Scientists have sought to discover why such radiations occur.

Darwin explained the process of specialization and related…

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