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Essay Free to Choose

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A review of the book, “Free to Choose: A Personal Statement”, by Milton and Rose Friedman.

This paper introduces the book, “Free to Choose: A Personal Statement”, by Milton and Rose Friedman and, in particular, indicates which school of thought the authors are from and gives a short critique of the book. It looks at how “Free to Choose” is probably one of the most famous books written on economic theory, how PBS created a 10-part documentary in concert with the book, and how the book remains a textbook on economic and political thought today. It also shows how it is a fascinating look into economic theory and a must-read for anyone who would like to learn more about the free-market economy we live in today.
“The Friedman’s are clearly of the monetary school of thought, but they advocate a less is more form of government, thereby utilizing money more effectively. They advocate a free-market economy, and take care to explain just why planned or controlled economies fail. The Friedman’s are definitely capitalists, and do not adhere to the socialist economic theory. Ultimately, the book equates economic freedom with political freedom, and the authors go on to explain their theories that “less is more” in all forms of government, and the people should be free to choose whatever they want, despite whether it is good or bad for them, they should still have the right to choose for themselves.”

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