Mexico: An Economic Analysis

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Essay Mexico: An Economic Analysis

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An analysis of the impact of trade, economic theories, per capita gross domestic product, effects of labor conditions, NAFTA, the 1994 peso crisis and its financial structure.

Mexico was firstly inhabited by several ancient civilizations from 9000 B.C. to until the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores in 1519. Among these civilizations were the Olmecs, Mayans, Teotihuacans and Aztecs, being the latter the only Empire remaining to face the Spanish. After being defeated, the native Mexican people were brought under Spain’s control for 300 years, when Mexican citizens declared their Independence in 1810. Mexico’s Independence was recognized on September 27th, 1821 after an Independence War of 10 years. It was until this moment in time that Mexico had to organize itself and form an Economy of its own.

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