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Essay Food Labeling

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History of federal laws regulating food labeling from 1906-1990s. Looks at the role of FDA – its aims, effects, costs and responses of food industry & consumers.

The history of Federal regulations that concerned labeling in the United States began with the import and export of foods, and the concern of the American public that disease could easily be spread through foodstuffs that were not regulated, nor guaranteed safe. Through interpretation of early United States doctrines, (more specifically through the commerce clause in the Constitution) Congress has traditionally allowed states to regulate labeling of foods in order to provide some guarantee of safety to the consumer (Food Labeling, 1992). Yet, by the 1800s Congress determined that the Federal government would control the labeling aspects of imported and exported products, and that states would be responsible for governing the labeling for products in-state, or to other states (Food Labeling, 1992).