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Essay Microbrew Industry

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Examines the craft beer market, looking at examples (Anchor, Boston), its availability in pubs & restaurants, mail order & retail.

The ease with which beer can be made, and the relative ease with which ingredients can be obtained, means that a number of individuals have brewed their own beer for years. This was particularly true during Prohibition, but some beer drinkers have found that they can create more interesting and flavorful beers in their basements than the largest beer manufacturers can create and bottle. In recent years, these so-called home brews have been taken to market and shared with local restaurants and consumers within a particular region; some companies, such as Anchor Brewing and Boston Beer, have capitalized on the renewed interest in more flavorful beers, and have even done much to promote that interest themselves. Today, brewpubs and restaurants serving local beers are common in many large cities, and even in places with..