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Essay Transverse Ranges

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A geological analysis of this Californinan mountain grouping from Santa Monica to the eastern desert. Discusses age, development, earthquakes, topography and climate.

I General Background

A Delimitation of the Region

The Transverse Ranges constitute one of California’s 11 geomorphic provinces. Unlike nearly every other mountain range in North America the Transverse Ranges lie on an east-west axis. The Transverse Ranges Province runs for 325 miles directly across the structural grain of California (Oakeshott 279). The province extends from Point Arguello and San Miguel Island eastward to the Pinto and Eagle Mountains which end in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts respectively. The province ranges in width from 10 to 50 miles. The narrowest points are at the western extreme in the Santa Ynez Mountains and at the Cajon Pass which separates the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. The province’s broadest point is the distance from the Santa Monica …