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Essay Exercise and Self-Esteem

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This paper discusses that exercise promotes higher self-esteem in individuals of all ages and physical capabilities

This paper explains that exercise promotes higher self-esteem as long as the individual enjoys the particular exercise program or feels there are definite and measurable benefits to participating in the program. The author points out that self-esteem can increase an individual’s confidence; therefore, if a person has confidence, he or she will have self-respect and find it easier to respect others, which improve one’s relationships and promotes health. The paper relates that the beauty of exercise is that, once hooked, an individual continues to self-motivate and, therefore, finds reasons to increase participation in the exercise program.
“Exercise provides many benefits. These athletes receive a unique benefit that many laymen simply are unaware that it comes with the turf so to speak. Professional athletes get the benefit of added self-esteem. “Speculation regarding the interactions between physical activity and self-esteem can be traced back to the origins of sport and have been of concern to physical educators throughout the history of the discipline. During the past two decades, however, we have witnessed a resurgence of interest in body-self interactions in sport due largely to advances in exercise psychology.””

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