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Essay Madison and Waycross Geography

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Examines the climate, soil, and vegetation patterns of Madison, Wisconsin, and Waycross, Georgia.

In the states of Wisconsin and Georgia, geographical studies have helped experts gain better knowledge of the vegetation, soil, and climate in the regions tested. In order to give an idea of the specific approach that studies have adopted, this paper considers Waycross in Georgia and Madison in Wisconsin. In assessing the climate, soil, and vegetation in these areas, the paper deciphers the similarities and differences between the two regions.
“Roadways that are constructed or repaired in urban and suburban activity experience loss of resource at much higher rates. Research reveals that without vegetative protection erosion takes place much quicker. It is estimated that without proper vegetative cover, erosion may exceed 350 tons per acre annually in this region. Erosion at Madison isn’t as much as it is at Waycross, and hence agriculture isn’t affected negatively. Employment in the agricultural industry does not suffer the way that it does at Waycross (Arnalds, 1995).”

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