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Essay West Islip

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This paper takes a look at the history of the community of West Islip, New York, and examines its diversity.

A brief examination of the demographic history of West Islip, New York. It looks at the diversity within the community and explains the history behind the development of such a diverse population.
“West Islip is a community located on Long Island, New York near the Great South Bay. While the island of Long Island itself is fairly diversified, as far as race and ethnicity goes, the community of West Islip is not. According to the 2000 census, West Islip has a population of 28,907, making it a relatively small community, as far as communities go. Of this population, the numbers of males and females are about evenly split. The largest age group on West Islip is the group between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four. The age group that includes those age fifteen and younger is the second largest age group. This gives the indication that West Islip is a community of young families with children. The average household income for those living on West Islip is about seventy-five thousand dollars a year. This shows that most of the people living on West Islip make good money. Therefore, Wet Islip is likely an up-scale community with high housing costs.”

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