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Essay Nike vs. Adidas

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This paper, in the form of a memo, discusses the differing marketing techniques of Nike vs. Adidas.

The report details a market analysis for Nike compared to the Number Two competitor, Adidas. Among the findings discussed are the differing marketing and advertising strategies Nike has successfully used to beat out the competition. Part of Nike’s success is due to the creativity utilized in marketing campaigns. It explains how Nike has also actively sought out celebrity endorsements and sponsorships, which have resulted in positive associations with the product, nationally and worldwide. Also discussed is the global positioning of the Nike product in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and the Netherlands.
Part of Nike’s success is due to its commitment to specialization of product. For this reason I would not recommend that Nike branch out into too many other areas, such as offering additional excessive accessories or lines of other sportswear such as hockey products as Adidas recently did. Nike has purchased some subsidiaries that offer specialized lines, including some golf products, hockey wear and luxury sports wear. In this respect Nike has been successful, and the subsidiaries operate utilizing their own names still. Adidas has recently ventured into other territories, having similarly partnered with a major European corporation to sell accessories and other specialty types of sports products.

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