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Essay Disorder and Decay by Wesley Skogan

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A review of the work on the causes of crime in American neighborhoods and suggests community policing as a solution.

Wesley G. Skogan, in Disorder and Decay: Crime and the Spiral of Decay in American Neighborhoods, examines the causes of crime in inner-city neighborhoods and the suggested solution of community policing. Skogan bases his work on a study by two political scientists and academic policing experts. James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling, who wrote about the sources of neighborhood crime, the physical and social deterioration of urban areas, and the vicious cycle of fear and decay and crime in such neighborhoods. Skogan, a Northwestern University professor of political science and urban affairs, examines a number of studies which were generated by the first article by Wilson and Kelling which was written in 1982. The studies covered forty inner-city areas in six cities overall. After his analysis, Skogan concludes that the process known as community policing…

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