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Essay Jordan and the Middle East

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An analysis of the politics and economy of Jordan in relation to the rest of the Middle East region.

This paper examines the country of Jordan, focusing on the more recent years of political liberalization. The paper begins with a brief history of the political situation in Jordan, starting with its first parliamentary elections in 1989. The writer explores how the monarchy of Jordan was affected by the change to a democratic and open political make-up.

Political Liberalization
What: Democratic Discourse and Monarchical Praxis in Jordan
Jordan’s Democratic Discourse: Reading Between the Lines
Why? Explaining Recent Political Liberalization
Liberalizing Monarchy
This extraordinary rate and level of political opening in current years in and of itself creates Jordan commendable of additional study. As well this, on the other hand, more than a few other issues make the case of particular concentration. Primary, Jordan symbolized a case of liberalization in a monarchical management. Such political systems, increasingly uncommon in the contemporary world, but excessively established in the Middle East, have mostly been unnoticed in most of the accessible literature on Third World democratization. In order to understand the political liberalization in Jordan, we must analyze the political history, as well as the recent transformations in the political structure so as to comprehend the real political players and their role in Jordanian politics.

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