The Art of the Psychotherapist by James Bugental

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Essay The Art of the Psychotherapist by James Bugental

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A review of the work arguing psychotherapy is an art to using intuition in meaningful conversation.

This paper is a review of James F. T. Bugental’s The Art of the Psychotherapist. Written by a therapist with almost 50 years’ experience, this book argues that truly effective psychotherapy is more of an art than a science. Bugental contends that the experienced therapist’s most important tool is a highly developed intuitive sense, allowing him or her to understand the subjectivity of both the patient and the therapist. Bugental suggests that life-changing therapy is only possible when the therapist comprehends the unique way in which the client sees the world. His book is written for experienced therapists, instructors, and researchers; he cautions that his techniques cannot be used by therapists who have not yet gained a certain level of competence and experience. However, his techniques for mastering the art of meaningful conversation can…

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