Effects of Divorce

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Essay Effects of Divorce

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A examination of the impact on women and children, especially in poor families, gender inequities, child support, social and psychological aspects and remarriage.


Whenever two people interact, conflicts may arise and one person or both may want to end the relationship. This is true not only of marriage but other relationships as well. However, unlike most relationships, marriage involves civil, legal, and/or religious ties that specify if and how the relationship ends. Termination of the relationship in accord with these specifications is termed divorce and, according to Clarke-Stewart, Friedman and Koch (1990), there are well over one million divorces in America every year. Further, over 70 percent of these divorcing families have children.

Divorce is accompanied by a variety of psychoemotional and social effects on all family members. This paper examines a sampling of the current literature on the effects of divorce.

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