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Essay Tabloid Television

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An examination of the origins and evolution, compared to serious news, with economic aspects, examples, advertising, role of the government and network vs. local issues.

Americans today are awash in news from newspapers, publications of every variety, books, broadcast television stations, radio stations, and cable, including 24-hour cable new outlets such as CNN, C-Span, and CNN Headline News. Yet, the question is raised as to how trustworthy all this news is and especially as to how true a picture of society is presented in these many news broadcasts. The question is raised in part because of the growing apathy apparent in the electorate and because of opinion polls which indicate that many citizens–perhaps the majority–live in a state of confusion and ignorance about government and political issues. Several reasons can be cited as to why this situation developed, but one reason has been the increasing trivialization of the news and the dedication of…

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