The Discipline of Kinesiology

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Essay The Discipline of Kinesiology

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This paper discusses the discipline of “kinesiology”, the new identifier for physical education.

This paper explains that kinesiology includes study of sports, traditional physical education topics, ergonomics, movement, dance, physical labor, and any other activity involving physical movement. The author points out that the kinesiology approach to the study of physical activities and sports has been used for decades in areas such as Olympic training and figure skating. The paper relates that one factor influencing this field is the addition of a larger repertoire of research methods that can be tested as to effectiveness and reliability.

Table of Contents
Definition of the Field of Kinesiology
Designing Research Methodology
How to Design a Study
“In a rapidly evolving field of study, the first step for the design of a research application is to be current on the existing research and methods used in obtaining the particular data. Instructors and researchers much stay current on the field in order to apply what has been learned. This elementary advice is a key component to accurate research in any field. But in a rapidly evolving environment, an instructor who relies on the same methods for even a short amount of time can discover they he of she is relying on outdated methodology.”

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