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Essay Cholera

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An examination of the causes, geographical aspects, impact in Peru, distribution, nursing diagnoses, control and prevention. Table.

Writings from the ancient Sanskrit era mention the diarrheal disease, providing evidence that it has been afflicting mankind for centuries, and even with all the modern medical technology now available, Cholera continues to affect mankind today. It was not, however, until the mid 1800’s that society first began to understand cholera, how it was spread, and its effects. A man by the name of John Snow was the first to actually carry out a published epidemiological study in 1849. Snow accomplished this by charting cases of cholera in London. At the time there was a cholera epidemic in London, and a new germ theory of disease was being vociferously debated in the medical community. Snow concluded that the cholera cases clustered around a well in central London when cholera was at its peak during the summer months (Colwell, 2006, p. 754).

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