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Essay Flamenco Dancing

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Examines the origins of this form of Spanish dance.

Because Flamenco evolved over centuries of time in Southern Spain, historians are uncertain about the exact origins of Flamenco dance. However, Flamenco undoubtedly grew out of gypsy traditions, which had their origins in Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. The paper traces the origins of this dance form in gypsy culture and shows how it ultimately meshed with Spanish dance forms to become a symbol of Spanish dance.
“Performed mostly for family gatherings and cultural festivals, early Flamenco was not considered to be a specifically Spanish art form, as it is today. Rather, Flamenco was the express domain of gypsy culture in Southern Spain, symbolizing the uniquely colorful character and emotional quality of that much maligned group of people. Flamenco dance might have also incorporated elements from Jewish and Moorish cultures that existed in Spain, cultures that were persecuted alongside the gypsies.”

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