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Essay Communication at Marketing Solutions

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This paper is a case study of communication within Marketing Solutions, a national company with 30 years of experience working with a variety of companies to develop marketing communications programs.

This paper explains that there are two types of communications at Marketing Solutions: communication within the organization, used to provide information on company initiatives, employee policies, and standing against competitors; and communication with those outside of the organization, which allows the company to keep in touch with customers, fulfilling their needs, and keeping to the production schedule. The author points out that, depending on the nature of the message, communication at Marketing Solutions flows one of two ways. When the message is likely to be perceived as positive, communication comes directly from the president to employees at a monthly, company-wide meeting, but if the message is negative, or may be perceived as such, the communication path is less direct. The paper relates that horizontal communication of official policies is rare at Marketing Solutions; when same-level employees communicate and pass along information, it is most often through the grapevine.

Table of Contents
Organizational Structure
How Communication Is Used
Flow of Communication
Channels of Communication
Feedback and Problem-Solving
“Marketing Solutions has 200 employees, including twenty who work in regional sales positions around the country. A president presides over the company, and he has five vice presidents who report directly to him on administrative matters. The rest of the company’s divisions are editorial, marketing and production. The editorial division creates products for customers and consists of five managers who oversee the financial, health-care, travel, consumer technology and retail industries. Within these industry designations, fifteen account managers serve as liaisons to the customers, eighteen copywriters and fifteen graphic artists. In the marketing division, 33 employees share a variety of roles, including product development, customer outreach, service and product evaluation, company promotions and new customer acquisition.”

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