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Essay English as an Official Language

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Deals with English becoming an official language of the United States.

Using Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa’s article, Bilingualism in America: English Should Be the Only Language, this paper examines the issue of bilingualism in the United States. The paper discusses both ideas for and against the debate. It also examines the methods that Hayakawa uses to attract his readers to his views, including repetition, emotion, and ethics.
With everyone in America having their own opinion on this issue, the author tries to rally more people on to his side with this essay. He uses several techniques in this essay to make his point. He persuades his audience successfully by using repetitions, examples, emotions, logic and ethics. By listing certain background information, such as his past government positions and his past residency, he makes himself a reliable source for information pertaining to language. He also uses examples for and against his position to his advantage to make his point. If English is made the official language of the United States, Samuel Hayakawa makes the audience believe that they will be a more stable and flourishing country.

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